Arduino Drone Development Kit

Price: 30,000.00

Arduino Drone Development Kit

Learning Manuals:

Introduction to Multirotor drones

•Preparation of materials and tools Needed

•Installation necessary application for configuring the micro controller

•How Drones Operate and Fly

•Parts and Components

•Types of multicopter arrangements

•Relationship of codes to the output of the microcontroller

•RC Control Mapping

•Configuring the IMU sensors

•Configuring telemetry

•Configuring GPS (ADVANCE level)

•Understanding Motors and Motor Speed controllers

•Setting up batter sensor

•Understanding battery usage and safety

•PID Tuning for flight

•PID for Stabilize mode

•PID for Altitude hold

•PID for GPS modes (ADVANCE level)

•Learn to fly Basics

  • Shield Kit with RC Gear


    Items Included

    • MEGA & UNA KWAD Board with Top Plate
    • IMU Sensor
    • 4 Pcs, 3S 2300kV Brushless Motors and 20AESC
    • 4 Pcs, 5” Propellers
    • 1Pc 6-Channel Radio and Controller